Video: John Oliver recaps your 4th of July fireworks experience

Did you attend a fireworks show during the 4th of July weekend? How did that go for you and your family? That is, if you didn’t just watch fireworks as a couple or with friends.

Was the evening anything like what John Oliver describes in his “comprehensive coverage” of holiday fireworks from HBO’s Last Week Tonight? (The show was off for the holiday weekend, but released this YouTube clip online.)

As usual, Oliver nailed it. Parking and traffic are pretty much the reasons I avoid holiday fireworks shows. Though I suppose my little nieces will rope me into taking them to one someday.

Sure, you can dismiss Oliver’s snarky recap of 4th of July fireworks as the rantings of a bitter British man. But what makes Oliver such a keen commentator is that he looks at our culture from an outsider’s point of view.

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