Video: Kyle Mooney’s Unaired ‘SNL 40’ Red Carpet Pre-Show Sketch

Kyle Mooney grabbed a microphone and took to the streets around Rockefeller Center to awkwardly interview people before this past Sunday’s SNL 40 celebration. In this unaired sketch, Mooney discusses classic cast members like “Mikey Ritter” and “Fred Armistad” while making more than a couple people slightly uncomfortable.

“40 SNL’s With Kyle” was originally supposed to air during the red carpet pre-show, but I guess an hour of the hosts from The Today Show unintentionally having awkward interviews with the likes of Donald Trump and Dave Chappelle was enough for one night. Seriously, how much better would those interviews have been with Mooney, Mike O’Brien, and Cecily Strong hosting?

Saturday Night Live returns on Feb. 28 with host Dakota Johnson and musical guest Alabama Shakes.

Jeremy Klumpp

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