Video: ‘Starring Adam West’ trailer shows West’s post-Batman life

Growing up as a huge Batman fan, I’ve always kind of wondered why Adam West never held the same place in pop culture as William Shatner.

Maybe it has to do with West having to wear those tights and being on a deliberately campy show and depicting comic-book material. Meanwhile, science fiction like Star Trek was more accepted in culture. And while Shatner often overacted, at least he was taking himself seriously. Maybe it’s just as simple as Shatner being a better actor than West.

Anyway, thanks to nostalgia making everything cool again at some point, West is getting his moment of appreciation. James Tooley’s Kickstarter-funded documentary, Starring Adam West, takes a look at the actor’s career and the difficulties he had finding work after the Batman TV show.

As you can see in this trailer, West had to put that costume back on frequently to make money, putting himself in many undignified situations that surely contributed to him being dismissed as a someone of any substance.

Starring Adam West has been touring the film festival circuit and will be available on demand and online through Starz.

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