Video: Watch cocoa farmers try chocolate for the first time

Typically, farmers get a sample of the crops they harvest or the resulting product. So you might figure that cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast region have tried chocolate before. Isn’t chocolate just about everywhere?

Of course, chocolate is a highly processed item. Cocoa beans are roasted, then ground up. Butter, milk and sugar (and who knows what else, depending on the country and manufacturer) are added to make the candy we all love so much.

However, cocoa farmers only see the beans in their fresh or dried form. Check out their reactions when they see and eat chocolate for the first time, courtesy of Selay Marius Kouassi with Metropolis TV.

I can’t even imagine how phenomenally sweet chocolate must taste to someone who’s never tried it. Hopefully, the bar Kouassi was the good stuff and not overloaded with sugar. It’s also impressive that the chocolate was carried in pocket, in that climate, and didn’t melt.


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