WATCH: Sinbad as Black Lightning in SNL 1992 Superman funeral skit

Producer Greg Berlanti is developing a show based on DC Comics’ first African American superhero Black Lightning, but it won’t be the first time the character has been seen on television. No, we’re not talking about cartoons such as Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Young Justice: Invasion or DC Nation’s animated shorts. How about Saturday Night Live?

That’s right. Following up on DC Comics’ “The Death of Superman” story arc in 1992, SNL wrote a skit about Superman’s funeral. Sure, Batman, The Flash and Lex Luthor attend the funeral. But Black Lightning (played by Sinbad) also attempts to express his condolences, only to be turned away by Jimmy Olsen (Rob Schneider) when no one vouches for him. Not even Batman, who worked several cases with Black Lightning and included him on his superhero team, The Outsiders. No respect.

At least Black Lightning got to enjoy some of the shrimp Aquaman brought to the funeral, even if he had to sneak it out in a paper bag.

To be fair, it was probably difficult to take Black Lightning seriously with that outfit. But Sinbad’s costume was unfortunately faithful to the original comic book character’s costume, which was clearly designed in the 1970s with the open collar that extended all the way down to his belt. Gotta show off that chest.


But maybe we’re burying the lede here. SNL did a superhero skit with Dana Carvey as Batman, Adam Sandler as The Flash and Chris Farley as the Hulk? Great Caesar’s Ghost, indeed!

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