Bob Uecker Calling Nyjer Morgan’s Game Winning Hit

Bob Uecker

There are few people in life who are as good at their job as Brewers announcer Bob Uecker is at calling baseball games.

Regrettably though, unless you were living in Wisconsin or had paid $20 to subscribe to MLB’s service, you weren’t able to hear him call what might go down as one of the best games in Milwaukee Brewers history.

Fortunately though, this being the 21st century, some benevolent soul posted Bob Uecker’s call of Nyjer Morgan’s game winning hit. Enjoy pure aural perfection after the jump.

Bob Ueckers call of Nyjer Morgans winning hit (mp3)

Nobody does it better, folks. Enjoy the rematch of the 1982 World Series in this year’s NLCS between the Brewers and Cardinals.