Brewers Superfan Front Row Amy Promises More Cleavage For Game 5


As though you needed yet another reason to tune in to Game 5 of the NLDS tomorrow between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Milwaukee Brewers, darling of the blogosphere and TOC friend “Front Row Amy” Williams has yet another reason – or two – for you to do so.

Take it away, Twitter:

Amy Williams And u KNOW I’ll do my damnedest 2 inspire my boys & distract the HELL outta Kennedy! Best cleavage of the freakin YEAR comin atcha on Friday13 hours ago via txt Favorite Retweet 

Safe to say Ian Kennedy’s going to have a view thousands, nay millions, of grown men would love to have. It’s also safe to say that once he catches a glimpose of what you see above, he’ll be a little weak in the knees when going into that big clunky windup of his.

Because you all asked nicely and have shown Front Row Amy such great appreciation in the past (our first two posts on her were two of TOC’s most popular ever), please find more pictures of everyone’s favorite Brewers fan and her cleavage after the jump.




Here is Front Row Amy laying out in her yard catching some rays. It’s been real sunny and nice here in the Midwest of late, and well, a goddess has gotta get her sun, right?


Here we find Front Row Amy clad in a more appropriate bikini to show her team spirit for tomorrow’s decisive Game 5. Note the gold color is similar to the gold jerseys the Brewers wore earlier this season. You don’t become a division champion’s most popular fan without showing off a little, er…team spirit, right? Clearly those situps or whatever she’s doing is working quote well for her as well.

Speaking of team spirit, like any good Brewers fan, Front Row Amy is the proud owner of an NL Central Division Champs t-shirt. Although it’s safe to say it looks better on her than it would on any of us.

What do you know, I was right! Unbelievable. Funny how that happens every now and again.

Anyways, Front Row Amy has made us a promise, to deliver more of what you see above for tomorrow’s Game 5. Won’t you indulge her and tune in to see…the game?

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