Front Row Amy Wearing Blue To Today’s NLCS Game 1

The Brewers have yet to announce which color jersey they’ll be wearing today (safe money is on their regular home whites), but our old friend Front Row Amy has an announcement of her own regarding a wardrobe choice.

From her Twitter feed (@brewergirl823)

Amy WilliamsChanged things up…going with blue cuz cards wear white too. Can’t go wrong with Brewer blue!!17 minutes ago via txt Favorite Retweet Reply

You’ve got to admire her loyalty. She does have a point — the Cardinals do feature white very prominently in their wardrobe. It’s likely that Cardinals fans attending today’s game will be wearing white as well, and when you’ve become the face of a playoff team’s fanbase, well you don’t want people thinking you might have loyalties to the opposition. 

Now we here at TOC aren’t wardrobe consultants, despite the fact that I did spent two years working as a sales associate at esteemed mall clothier JCrew, but we do have a suggestion as to an outfit that Front Row Amy can rock to today’s Game 1 vs. the Cardinals. Our recommendation after the jump.

From Front Row Amy’s Facebook page, this blue shirt is a classic Brewers look. The old school “MB” logo harkens back to the storied 1982 season, which was the first time the Brewers met the Cardinals in the postseason. The blue color meshes well with TBS’s graphics set as well as the Miller Park backstop, leaving no doubt that this is a Brewers and not a Cardinals fan. The shirt’s neckline swings low enough to show an appropriate amount of decolletage as well, classy while also potentially serving as a distraction to today’s Game 1 starter, Jaime Garcia.

You may remember that Front Row Amy promised more cleavage during Game 5 of the NLDS, and as Joe so astutely noted, she delivered on that promise. So far, no similar vows have been made by Mrs. Williams, although we will keep you posted if this changes.

As always, we encourage you to like Front Row Amy’s Facebook page or follow her on Twitter for all the latest updates from everybody’s favorite Brewers superfan. Or you could simply tune in to TBS today at 4 ET/3 CT to catch her and the Brewers in action. Just look for the cute brunette in blue in the first row behind home plate.