Josh Hamilton Sounds Crazy For Suggesting Eye Color Affects Hitting, Except He Might Be Right

Oh, Josh Hamilton, you crazy fool!  How could you be so ignorant as to suggest that having blue eyes makes it harder for you to hit during day games?  Quick, everyone, let’s all point and laugh at Josh Hamilton’s stupidity!   Ha, we all scoff in your general direction!!!

The above paragraph is what I wish I could have made the basis of this post, but there is one small problem, Hamilton might be right.  Emphasis on the word “might.”

As it turns out, having light-colored eyes does predispose people to being more sensitive light, so says the following article at a site that has an 80% chance of being reputable:

People with a lighter eye color also may experience more light sensitivity in environments such as bright sunlight, because darker-colored eyes contain more pigment to protect against harsh lighting.

I, for one, can vouch for the theory as well since my optometrist tells me that me and my big blue eyes should pretty much always wear sunglasses everytime I go outside.  And I, too, couldn’t hit during day games in high school.  Then again, I couldn’t really hit during night games either, so I think this little hypothesis might require a bit more research.

If you still don’t but the eye color theory, then need I remind you of the brief period where Nike tried to get baseball players to wear amber-tinted contact lenses so that they could pick up the pitch better?  I know I do because I still have nightmares about Brian Roberts’ freaky looking eyes.

amber eyes Brian Roberts

Scary, right?  I don’t know how much those lenses really helped, but Nike wouldn’t have produced them and ballplayers wouldn’t have worn them if there wasn’t some kind of science behind it.  Or maybe Nike knows that ballplayers are a bunch of superstitious suckers who think that wearing bracelets and necklaces made of ionized titanium somehow help them fight fatigue and improve performance.

Nonetheless, medical science does suggest that Hamilton is probably on to something with his eye color theory even though it really just sounds like he is grasping at straws to explain why isn’t all-awesome all the time.

So, I guess the conclusion here is that Josh probably just needs to keep his mouth shut and put on some glasses.  Agreed?  I’m glad we had this talk.

Garrett Wilson

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