Miami Marlins Sign Jose Reyes

Just a few short hours ago, I wrote about the Miami Marlins upping their offer to Jose Reyes. It’s just been reported by multiple sources that the deal is official, and Jose Reyes will be taking his talents to South Beach (sorry, had to do it). The damage? Six years, $106 million. It’s unknown at this time if there is a seventh option year included in the deal like was hypothesized earlier, but Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports did confirm that the contract does NOT have a no-trade clause. 

With Reyes now in the fold, the Marlins will apparently be moving former All-Star shortstop Hanley Ramirez to third base. Ramirez’s defense at short was horrendous, and Reyes should provide an upgrade there. Considering the motley bunch that the Fish trotted out at the hot corner last year, Ramirez will be a definite upgrade, even if he has a down year like he did in 2011.

First Heath Bell, now Jose Reyes. The Marlins aren’t screwing around. Is Albert Pujols their final target? The Marlins are apparently the front-runner for the services of Pujols right now, and adding him would be a hell of a way to open up their new ballpark. But will all the money that the Marlins are throwing around pay dividends at the end of the day?

We’ll have more coverage of the Reyes signing on Monday, after a day to process everything fully.


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