Movember MLB Mustache Madness: Current Players, Round 1 – Axford vs. Zavada

In our first mustache matchup, we are coming out strong.  Relief pitchers seem to always lead the pack when it comes to facial hair, so selecting just two players to square off in the current player relief pitcher dual was no easy task.  Let’s take a look at who got the call from the mustache bullpen:

John Axford

John Axford handlebar

John Axford conquistador

John Axford horseshoe

Let’s be honest, if we were doing actual seeding, Axford would be beyond a #1 seed.  Let me put it this way, if this were real March Madness, Axford is like Duke, North Carolina and UConn all in one.  What makes Axford truly standout from the rest of the competition isn’t just the mustache quality, but the versatility.  He is known for his handlebar mustache, but as you can see, he has also gone with the conquistador and the horseshoe with great success.  It will be a real Cinderalla story if someone can knock off the Ax Man.


Clay Zavada

Clay Zavada mustache

Zavada has been accused of trying to mimic Axford, but that just isn’t fair.  Yes, Zavada also sports a handlebar ‘stache, but his, dare I say, is even more refined than Axford’s.  heck, throw an vintage Brewers cap on him and he could easily pass for Rollie Fingers.  Do I smell a first-round upset?

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