Movember MLB Mustache Madness: Current Players, Round 1 – Pierre vs. Snider

The Movember MLB Mustache Madness continues.  We close out the Current Player bracket with our outfield matchup (and hopefully close out all the wordplay jokes too).

Juan Pierre

Juan Pierre mustache

Who’s that man with classic facial hair?  Juan Pierre’s ‘stache!  Ya damn right.  They say Juan Pierre’s ‘stache is a bad mother-  Shut your mouth!  Just talkin’ about Juan Pierre’s ‘stache.  Can you dig it?


Travis Snider

Travis Snider mustache

We wanted to give a strong sampling of all mustache types in this bracket and what we haven’t seen so far is the underappreaciated pedostache.  With all due respect to Snider, sheerly because of his mustache, he is a windowless van or ice cream truck away from not being allowed within 500 yards of elementary schools and parks.

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