Movember MLB Mustache Madness: Former Players, Round 1 – Lopes vs. Grich

Up next in Movember MLB Mustache Madness is the second basemen matchup of our Former Player bracket.  After some wimpy offering from the present day second basemen, we finally get to see what real manly second basemen mustaches look like.

Davey Lopes

Davey Lopes

Width, length, thickness, Lopes’ lip hair simply has it all.  Wait?  I kind of just described a penis too, didn’t I?  Umm… let’s just move on.


Bobby Grich

Bobby Grich

If you really want to know how much power this mustache holds, consider the fact that Grich is currently married to the ex-wife of Blind Date host Roger Lodge.  Yep, he stole the wife of a guy who makes his living by setting up romances.  That must be one sexy ‘stache.

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