Movember MLB Mustache Madness: Managers, Round 1 – Leyland vs. Wedge


We’re done with the player side of the Movember MLB Mustache Madness brackets, but the fun is far from done.  We now delve into one of the greatest untapped resources for baseball mustaches: managers.  Most managers don’t seem to know what they are doing on the field, but at least they know what they are doing with a razor.  Two shining examples from the game today give us our opening matchup of the manager bracket.

Jim Leyland

Jim Leyland

Leyland has made several stops and had a lot of success in his managerial career and there has been one constant throughout that time, his mustache.


Eric Wedge

Eric Wedge

You know it is a good mustache when you can’t tell if you just Googled an Eric Wedge picture or a young Stacy Keach.  However, even this soup strainer has limits to his powers and was eventually shaved off in the midst of the Mariners’ epic losing streak this season.

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