Movember MLB Mustache Madness: Managers, Round 2 – Brenly vs. Hillman


These next two mustachioed managers may have been fired from their lone skipper gigs, but advancing to round two of Movember MLB Mustache Madness should hopefully make them feel a bit better.

Bob Brenly

Bob Brenly

Beating Phil Garner with 73% of the vote was easy, almost as easy as riding Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling to a championship.  Even Brenly couldn’t screw that up.  Things are about to get much harder though.


Trey Hillman

Trey Hillman

With 94% of the vote in the first round, Trey Hillman might have just had the biggest win of his managerial career.

Time to vote! (one vote per matchup per day)


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