Movember MLB Mustache Madness: Wild Card Semi-Finals – The Manager From Major League vs. Arte Moreno


Movember MLB Mustache Madness enters the semi-finals of the Wild Card bracket.  This first match-up features a fake manager of a fake team with fake terrible players that were forced upon him having a mustache face off against a real owner of a real team with real terrible players that his team willingly acquired.

The Manager from Major League Lou Brown (aka James Gammon)

Major League Manager Lou Brown

Lou Brown motivated his team to victory over his dastardly owner by making a cardboard stand-up of said owner that had removable clothing, revealing a nude picture of the owner.  I REALLY hope he doesn’t resort to that same tactic against this owner.


Arte Moreno

Arte Moreno

He beat another owner, then a gneral manger and he’ll now face off against a manager, granted a pretend manager, but he can run the whole baseball operations gamut if he pulls out a victory here.

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