Nyjer Morgan is on the Brewers, Team Jacob

Nyjer Morgan, aka Tony Plush, is officially on the Milwaukee Brewers.

When it comes to the Twilight series though, the most interesting man in all of professional sports leaves no doubt as to who’s team he’s on. Spoiler alert: he’s not the world’s biggest Robert Pattinson fan, at least according to his Twitter account.

Nyjer Morgan – T Dot Great premier last nite! For those Twilight Fans you will enjoy the entire movie! If Plush had to pick Wearwolf or Vampire, I’m a Wearwolf!

And really, who could blame Morgan for being on Team Jacob in addition to being on Team Beast Mode. A werewolf is a beast and during the 2011 playoffs, Morgan came to personify the Brewers’ Beast Mode identity. Plus it’s not like Taylor Lautner is exactly hard on the eyes either.

It’s unknown as to why Morgan was at the premiere of Twilight: Breaking Dawn but there he is, clear as day, behind the man who breaks millions of hearts every time he steps out in public. That being said, it’s not surprising in the slightest that Morgan managed to wrangle himself an invite to the red carpet either. This is a man who flies kites, who struggles mightily at the plate and in the field for an entire playoff series and then gets the NLDS winning hit in extra innings, a man of multiple personas who plays the game the way with a childlike abandon. And if he wants to immerse himself in the Twilight series, more power to him.