Ten Bizarre Food-Related Logos

Logo month rolls on, and today, we’re going to be looking at the…tasty side of things. Minor league baseball is known for a host of bizarre logos, promotions, and team names, and some of those logos have something to do with food. I couldn’t really think of any major league teams with food-related logos, but I was able to rack my brain (and the logo database) to come up with ten logos that involve something you might it. I had to stretch the truth a little bit to include various sea creatures that are edible, but didn’t include any mammals in the list. Here are ten bizarre logos that have something to do….with the food that you eat every day.


Montgomery Biscuits (2004-current)
When the Rays were formed, their initial AA team resided in Orlando, with the same name as it’s parent club. Then in 2004, the team packed up and moved to Montgomery, Alabama, and the biscuits were born. Many famous Rays had the flaky treat on their uniforms, including David Price, Matt Moore, and the face of the franchise, Evan Longoria (albeit for only four games). The Biscuits’ logo is just a creepy looking thing, with what appears to be a slab of butter for a mouth. I love it.


El Paso Diablos (1998-2004)
The Diablos were around for 30 years, starting in 1974, but when the Diamondbacks came into the league in 1998, they began an affiliation with the Diablos, and rebranded the team with this awesome looking, roided up chili pepper logo inside the hideous teal Diamondbacks D. The franchise would eventually move to Springfield in 2005 and become the Cardinals, ending the run of what I think is a great looking logo.


Modesto Nuts (2005-present)
I love it when a team decides to rebrand and go down the wacky route, like when the Connecticut Defenders became the Richmond Flying Squirrels, when the Omaha Royals became the Omaha Storm Chasers, and of course, when the Modesto A’s became the Modesto Nuts. Sure, the double entendre is there, but the logo showing off a pair of different nuts (an almond, and what I do believe is a walnut) is the type of goofy nonsense that makes me love minor league baseball.


Charlotte Stone Crabs (2009-present)
The Rays strike again, and are doing a great job at making me want to go to the shore and chow down. When the team moved from Vero Beach to Charlotte in 2009, they rebranded, just like they did with the Biscuits. I actually really like the subtle sunburst in the “Stone Crabs” text, signifying which team that they’re affiliated with. Tampa Bay does a great job with branding.


Cedar Rapids Kernels (2007-present)
The Kernels have been around since 1993, but their new, corn-forward logo popped up in 2007. The Kernels are an Angels affiliate, and it seems like an odd match…from Los Angeles (well, Anaheim…) to Cedar Rapids, Iowa? Whatever, everything isn’t perfect. But I like the nod toward Iowa’s reputation as a corn state. The Kernel itself also functions as a baseball bat, in addition to the subtle look of an ear of corn. Excellent logo.

Fort Wayne Tincaps (2008-present)
The Tincaps are named after Johnny Appleseed, who wore…a tin cap on his head. He also was famous (obviously) for planting apple trees across the midwest, and thus, the Tincaps’ logo was born. It’s an angry looking apple with a pan on it’s head. What could possibly be wrong about this logo?


Hickory Crawdads (1993-present)
I don’t know what a crawdad exactly does, aside from getting caught and eaten. They’re huge in the south, and a small part of me is hoping that they serve them at Hickory’s stadium…but since this is the Sally League, I doubt it. Anyway, it almost looks like the H is hiding the naughty bits on the crawdad. Ooooooh, you sultry little thing, you…


Lakewood Blue Claws (2010-present) 
The Blue Claws have been around for a decade, but changed up their logo last year, from a goofy looking crab to the more menacing one that they feature right now. I hate to do ANOTHER crab logo, but the claws on this one look so juicy…I must sound really fat now, but I’m sorry. I just love seafood that much. Lakewood is actually a farm team of the Phillies, and I appreciate them mixing up their team names, so that every damn franchise isn’t named “Phillies”.


Columbus Catfish (2004-2008)
The Catfish logo gets double points, because not only can you eat the catfish swinging the bat, you can eat the peach that it’s trying to smash. Their alternate logo was actually the hooked peach, which is pretty awesome because it has nothing to do with the team name at all. Unfortunately, a five year run was enough for this team, and in 2009, they became the Bowling Green Hot Rods. How boring. 


Jamestown Jammers (2006-present)
IT’S AN ANGRY BUNCH OF GRAPES!!!! The original Jammers logo was a generic, angry-looking cat type thing. Boring. Angry grapes, though? Awesome. I wonder if the inspiration for this logo came from the St Catherines Stompers from the late-90s, whose logo was of a man stomping grapes. The Stompers are now the Brooklyn Cyclones. God bless the Jammers, though. 

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