Ten High in the Sky Bird Logos

The bird is a much more prominent mascot in the NFL, where there are five teams with birds as their mascot/logo. In the MLB, there are three: the Blue Jays, Orioles and Cardinals. However, throughout the minor leagues, there are more than a few bird logos making their rounds. A lot of them are unique, unlike the generic ones you tend to see anywhere. Here are ten logos involving birds, and hopefully, you find them as unique as I did.



Rochester Red Wings
This team has been around since 1928, and I couldn’t find out exactly when the team went to this muscular looking cardinal type thing logo, as opposed to the Detroit Red Wings….who literally use a red wing. It’s a pretty solid logo nonetheless, even if he’s wearing a generic hat.


Toledo Mud Hens (cap, 2006-present)
The Mud Hens went through a recent rebranding effort, because of their old logo looking a little sloppy and not too polished. This logo is a lot cleaner, and even though I still have no idea what the difference between a regular hen and a mud hen is, I’ll allow it.


Lancaster Jethawks (cap, 2001-2007)
The current Jethawks logo is more of an…abstract design. It looks like a piece of art as opposed to a cartoon. And dammit, that’s not cool! I like the old Jethawks logo, where the hawk looks like he’s about to hop into a plane. Kind of reminds me of Foghorn Leghorn…


Myrtle Beach Pelicans (2006-present)
When I am thinking of possible mascots and logos for my team, just about the last think I’d come up with is an angry looking pelican perched atop a baseball bat, with the moon and the ocean int he distance. But hey, the team has some very slick hats that I’d consider buying….if the team was still affiliated with my Braves. But, they’re not…so that purchase isn’t happening.


Great Lakes Loons (cap, 2007-present)
I….can’t even. With the red eyes, and the sly smile on its face, the loon looks like it’s high. I’m also getting irrationally bothered by the loon having it’s foot (or whatever you call it…) up in the air in preparation to take a swing, but it’s not looking at the pitcher. HOW IN THE HELL IS IT SUPPOSED TO HIT THE BALL!?!??! I need to stop worrying about this.

South Bend Silver Hawks (alternate, 2009-present)
For one, birds don’t have teeth. I think that’s what makes me smile about this bad boy so much. The lightning bolt looking eyebrow things are a little striking too..but hey, at least they went offbase instead of the boring looking Atlanta Hawks NBA logo.


Delmarva Shorebirds (2010-present)
The old Shorebirds logo reminded me of something you’d see at a country club. This one is a lot sleeker, though the scale looking things on the left side of the bird’s head are a little strange to me. Is “shorebird” just a generic term, or is there an actual species called a shorebird? Or are there a bunch of birds that hang out by the shore that are called shorebirds, but in reality, there’s a more proper name for them?


Idaho Falls Chukars (cap, 2004-present)
I really, really don’t know what a Chukar is. But this is one of three logos featured on this list from the Pioneer League, so I’m going to assume it’s a western mountain type bird thing. Based on the cartoonish logo, it kind of looks like a…hen/hawk combination. OK then.


Missoula Osprey (1999-present)
Pretty much the last bird I’d expect a team after….the osprey. It’s just a totally random mascot, and the logo screams 1980s, despite the team not being formed until 1999. Yeah, that sounds about right.


Orem Owlz (2005-present)
This irritates me. CROSSED BATS! BASEBALL FACE! Ending the team name in a Z in an attempt to be “hip”! Come on, now. The Owlz (ugh…) have a pretty sick alternate logo of a talon snatching an O, but this bad boy is uh…not too great. It almost looks like the talons in this are fingers with claws too, as opposed to…well, talons. Oh minor league baseball, never change.


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