The Craziest Cleveland Indians Fan You’ll Ever Meet

Parents are known for embarrassing their children, but it’s fair to say few mothers have embarrassed their daughters quite like this woman did.

As you can see from the video above, purportedly taken at last night’s Indians-Tigers game, the action taking place in the stands was clearly more entertaining than anything taking place on the field at Progressive Field. It’s fair to say that after this performance, this woman’s daughter won’t ever be forgetting her night at the ballpark, even if mom doesn’t necessarily remember.

Because we are after all, a baseball blog, let’s do a little play-by-play for your amusement, shall we?

Here’s the highlights:

0:00 Starts off with her doing a sexy dance to Beyonce. Of course.

0:25 “I feel nothing from you people. What the hell is wrong with you people?

0:35 “Kick those f***ers’ ass! Let’s go!”

0:55 Massive pointing and shouting at a fan who apparently isn’t showing enough spirit. At this point, crazy lady’s daughter starts to look like she wishes she was anywhere BUT Jacobs Field.

1:05 Roof raising commences

1:30 “That’s her daughter right there. She’s pretty embarrassed right now.”

2:10 Shirt comes off. Crowd thinks they’re going to get a glimpse of her chest, but fortunately (for them and us) she’s got another shirt on underneath.

2:35 Her shirt waving inspires others, and miraculously an entire section begins waving their clothes around like they just don’t care.

3:03 Fin