The Dangerous Life of the Busch Stadium Rally Squirrel

Just when you thought it was safe to return to Busch Stadium, the Rally Squirrel is back!

Busch Stadium squirrel returns

Clearly, this squirrel has become an unlikely source of good luck for the St. Louis Cardinals as they’ve now clawed back in the NLDS to tie the series with the Phillies and force a Game 5.  This should make the Rally Squirrel a major celebrity in St. Louis, but it has also put a big target on his back.  And I mean that literally, just ask Philliers manager Charlie Manuel:

“There’s not too much I can do about a squirrel running across the field. I don’t know what I can do about that. Of course, being from the South, and being a squirrel hunter, if I had a gun I might have done something. I’m a pretty good shot.”

Unlike his primate predecessor, the Rally Monkey, the Rally Squirrel chooses to work his magic live and in-person (err… in-rodent?) rather than on the Jumbotron, meaning the next time he tries to skitter across the field, he is putting his life on the line and even card-carrying PETA member Tony LaRussa can’t protect him, although I’m sure he won’t hesitate to pinch-run for the squirrel if the situation calls for it.

But the danger doesn’t stop after this series.  With Arizona likewise forcing a Game 5 in their NLDS series, the Cardinals could very well wind up facing the one team the animal kingdom fears the most.  Surely they have not forgotten that infamous day when another critter dared to try and traverse home plate:

Be afraid, Rally Squirrel.  Be very afraid. 

Although, if the squirrel emerges from this post-season safely, at least we can read his feelings about it via his Twitter account.

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