VIDEO: Ryan Raburn Does His Best Jose Canseco Outfield Blooper

Seattle beat Detroit today 7-3, but the story coming out of the game is all about Tigers outfielder Ryan Raburn.  Unfortunately for Raburn (and fortunately for all of us), he turned in the runaway leader in the clubhouse for the blooper of the year, and maybe one of the best on-field follies I’ve seen in a long time.  The degree of difficulty on this one is at least a 9.6.  Watch and enjoy… 

Of course, this play immediately takes us all back to the infamous home run off the noggin of MMA legend Jose Canseco.  Here’s that clip (can’t believe MLB’s secret task force hasn’t deleted it off Youtube yet) so you can compare the two “highlights.”

In terms of the goofier and more embarrassing play, Canseco takes the award because it did bounce off of his steroid enlarged head after all.  But, you do have to give it up to Raburn.  On a dead sprint towards the warning track he manages to propel the baseball over the wall off his glove somehow.  While Canseco was basically underneath the wall, Raburn hasn’t even stepped foot on the warning track yet.  In fact, I’m convinced that we should look at Raburn’s play as a real feat of athletic greatness instead of an all-time blunder.  He could never do that again in a million tries.  I say we add Raburn to spice up the Home Run Derby this year.  He could fight those obnoxious kids in the outfield and try to help hitters get more home runs.  Isn’t that a win-win for everyone?  At least it would add some excitement to the Derby…

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