A brief analysis of the Braves new jersey press conference

The Atlanta Braves introduced new alternate jerseys today, which is their third alternate jersey (and fifth overall) that the team wears in game action. That doesn’t include their batting practice/spring training jersey. But enough about the inane concept of making another jersey. The press conference that the jerseys were introduced during was laughable in its own right.

First off, the presser ended up starting 15 minutes after the time it was initially announced at. Great start, Braves. Then, the presser started by looking at each jersey throughout Atlanta Braves history. This occupied about five minutes of time. Next, we had smoke and confetti…at a professional press conference to introduce jerseys. Yeah. Chipper Jones, Dan Uggla, and Brian McCann all walked out wearing the jersey, and took seats next to Braves president John Schuerholz, GM Frank Wren, special advisor Hank Aaron (who got his own special introduction) and retired announcer Pete Van Wieren, who was MCing the event despite retiring from the booth after the 2008 season. What, Chip Caray or Joe Simpson, two current Braves announcers, weren’t available? I love Van Wieren as much as the next guy, but why not one of the active guys?

Anyway, Van Wieren asked each person on the panel a question about the jerseys (none of which was too hard-hitting, though he did ask Uggla about wearing shorts during batting practice with the Marlins), and then opened the presser to media questions. There was one, which was “what happens to the red jerseys?”….and that was all. A 15 minute press conference that was mainly fluff. Wheeeeeeeee.

For the record. here’s the breakdown of the Braves’ jerseys.

White home jersey: Monday-Thursday home games
White alternate jersey: Saturday & Sunday home games
Red alternate jersey: Friday home games
Gray road jersey: road games, starting pitcher’s choice
Blue road jerseys: road games, starting pitcher’s choice 

Combine those five jerseys with the red and blue batting practice jersey, three separate Hank Aaron throwbacks from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, three separate Dale Murphy throwbacks from the 1980s, throwbacks of Orlando Cepeda and Phil Niekro from 1969, and a blank throwback from the 1970s, and you wonder if the Braves have the most different types of jerseys in the league (not including different players). Compare that to the Yankees, who have a home jersey, a road jersey, home and road batting practice jerseys, and a couple of throwbacks that look nearly identical, and all I can think of for the Braves is “OVERKILL! OVERKILL!” And I’m a Braves fan. Jeez.

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