A’s pitcher Dallas Braden goes off, nearly ejected from anti-violence rally

Well, this is certainly something. Injured Oakland Athletics pitcher Dallas Braden, who is typically very proud of his upbringing in Stockton, California, was nearly ejected from an anti-violence rally in the town on Wednesday. Braden began to yell at the police chief who was speaking at the rally, claiming that the police in town are lying to people and not doing an adequate job of protecting the citizens of Stockton.

Braden then revealed that he's leaving the town and moving his family to Sacramento. Braden revealed that his grandmother was robbed and that he was attacked in his car, and that the response and communication from police was inadequate.

Stockton is generally known as a high crime area in California, and Braden's concerns with the town aren't specific to just him. But really Dallas, do you have to show up at a public rally carrying around a baseball bat and yelling at the police chief? I know you're frustrated, but let's take it down a notch if you want change to happen.

[h/t: Getting Blanked]

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