Aaron Rowand is getting a custom chopper

Former Giants, Phillies, and White Sox outfielder Aaron Rowand is getting a custom chopper and is being featured on the Discovery TV show American Chopper.

The trailer, released today on Discovery’s Youtube channel, features Rowand visiting the shop and discussing what he wants his custom bike to look like. Hilariously, Rowand introduces himself as a professional baseball player with the Miami Marlins. Rowand’s tenure with the Marlins lasted three months, as the team released him at the end of Spring Training. He’ll be paid $12 million this year to do absolutely nothing, assuming another team doesn’t pick him up. The Giants signed Rowand to a five year deal after the 2007 season, and he had a below average OPS in the first four seasons of the deal before they cut him last September.

Watching the trailer, my mind was blown when Rowand started rattling off his accomplishments. He has TWO World Series rings (White Sox ’05 and Giants ’10), and a Gold Glove. Seriously? Aaron Rowand has two rings? This amazes me. On the bright side for Rowand, since he doesn’t have a job right now, he’ll have plenty of times to ride his chopper around town.

Joe Lucia

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