Albert Pujols throws glove at Erick Aybar

After last night’s 6-2 Angels win over the Twins, as the Angels are doing their postgame handshakes, shortstop Erick Aybar taps first baseman Albert Pujols on the elbow. Pujols proceeds to whip his glove at Aybar, and looks really, really irritated afterwards, inspecting his elbow. It’s worth noting that the elbow that Aybar tapped was the one that Pujols has had problems with in the past and had surgery on.

This morning, the incident is probably already water under the bridge. But with both guys signed long-term (Aybar through 2016, Pujols through 2021), the Angels really can’t afford a rift between the two. I really don’t think that Aybar is going to be tapping Pujols’ elbow anytime soon after what happened last night.

Both players had a pair of hits last night in the Angels victory over the Twins, but both are struggling overall this season. Maybe this incident will break them out of their season-long funks.

[h/t: The Big Lead]

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