Athletics release player who has twins on the way

Kila Ka'aihuePregnancy can be a very stressful time for expecting parents.  If you are a father or mother, you know this all too well, especially during the time when you were about to become a parent for the very first time.  In between the moments of joy and anticipation, you are racked by worry and concern that you somehow won’t be able to provide for your soon-to-born child.  I know when my wife was pregnant with my daughter, I had nightmares about getting fired from my job, and I had an insane amount of job security at the time.

What does this have to do with baseball?  Well, Oakland A’s 1B/DH Kila Ka’aihue is living my nightmare having been designated for assignment (a nice way of saying he’s been fired) on Wednesday.

Oh, did I mention that his wife is pregnant?  With twins!!!!

Baseball is a business and like any business, they can’t really concern themselves too much with what their employees have going on in their personal lives, but still, what terrible timing.

It isn’t as if Ka’aihue will be forced to the unemployment line here either, he was DFA’d so he could be claimed off waivers by another team, though that seems unlikely.  If he doesn’t, he will surely wind up in Triple-A for the Athletics or some other organization, meaning he will still be drawing a paycheck, although nothing like the kind of paycheck he was getting in the majors, plus he might have to move his pregnant wife at this inopportune time.  That’s just no fun for anyone involved.

Ka’aihue will land on his feet, but I certainly don’t envy the kind of upheaval his life is going through during what should be a time for celebration.

(h/t Casey Pratt at CSN)

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