AUDIO: Phillies announcer Scott Franzke isn’t a fan of Scott Hairston

Warning: the above audio clip is vulgar, and not safe for work.

Most Phillies fans I know really prefer the radio crew of Scott Franzke and Larry Anderson to the abysmal TV crew of Tom McCarthy and the rotating duo of Chris Wheeler and Gary Matthews. The above clip is a brief illustration why, as between innings, Franzke goes off on Scott Hairston of the Mets, a bench player who is killing the Phillies this year, homering five times in 34 at bats. 

 "Will somebody figure out how to f***ing get Scott Hairston out? He stinks! Jesus Christ!"

My amateur sleuthing discovered that the above audio clip likely took place on July 4th, a game the Phillies would go on to win 9-2. I can definitely see this becoming a meme among Phillies fans, though. I'm looking forward to the Photoshops that will come out of this quote.

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