Braves fans honor Chipper Jones with a corn maze

Fox Sports South has brought us this tribute for retiring Atlanta Braves legend Chipper Jones…his likeness cut into a corn maze.

The corn maze was created by Braves fans Misty and Lamar Duren of Walnut Grove, Georgia. Creating corn mazes is nothing new for them, and last year, they made a maze to honor Atlanta company Coca-Cola, celebrating its 125th anniversary.

This is pretty cool. Say what you want about the grill and brats from the Brewers, the surfboard from the Padres, the cowboy hat from the Astros…but while Chipper can't be officially "presented" with the corn maze, he can at least take solace in the fact that he's so beloved by some Atlanta area fans that they honored him in a rather unique way.

[h/t: Fox Sports South]

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