Brett Lawrie suspended four games

After last night’s insane meltdown, the consensus was that Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie would be earning some time away from his team. Well the verdict is in, and the result seems appropriate: four games, plus an undisclosed fine.

You can’t go nuts like Lawrie did last night and expect to get off scot-free. Four games seems like a relative drop in the bucket, especially when you consider that five games seems to be the going standard for the numerous beanballs we’ve seen this season. Lawrie is appealing the suspension, and will be in tonight’s Blue Jays lineup against the Yankees. Of course he will.

All in all, I think MLB was in the right with their suspension. They didn’t overreact to Lawrie’s spiked helmet hitting umpire Bill Miller, but at the same time, they laid down enough of a punishment to let him know that he needs to control his emotions a little better.

Lawrie shouldn’t necessarily feel “lucky” that he only got four games, but he should feel fortunate.

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