Bryce Harper plays some slow pitch softball in DC

On his first off day in the bigs on Monday, after making his debut just on Saturday, Bryce Harper crashed a local softball game taking place on the fields near the Washington Monument. The 19-year-old Harper grabbed an aluminum bat and took a couple hacks on his first day in the city, to the playful heckles of “no batter” and “rookie.” You’ll be surprised to see that Harper is human: 

Yup, Harper swung and missed in a slow pitch softball game. You try catching up to a baseball going 95 mph every day and then going out and trying to wait back on a 35 mph slow pitch softball at dusk. On his next swing, though, Harper got a hold of one and I think he hit that guy. He shouldn’t have been standing there. 

According to the description on YouTube, Harper was a ‘good sport and a good guy’.