Chan Ho Park rapping about crap

Chan Ho Park made a pretty nice Major League career out of pitching. In fact, at the age of 38, he's still pitching over in South Korea, last I checked. He provided 17 years of service for seven different big league teams and, on October 1, 2010, he became the winningest Asian pitcher in MLB history (124).

However, I have to believe the legend of Chan Ho Park will forever be his candid interview after a bad start with the Yankees, during which he blamed his poopy performance on sloppy poops. It's something Park has tried to address, but I don't care what anyone says; it will follow him wherever he goes. 

Maybe, just maybe, he's trying really hard to change that with this ridiculous South Korean life insurance commercial wherein he's rapping in a language I don't understand and poking himself in the eye [via Deadspin]:


That's pretty good. I think I'd rather just see "I had a lot of diarrhea" get auto-tuned, though. If you have a link to that, please send that shib over.