Cubs fan ejected for pantomiming fellatio behind the plate

Ah the folly of youth.

To some guys, there's simply nothing more amusing than a pantomimed blowjob. I'm guessing that's because most guys who find that particular activity enjoyable have never been on the receiving end of an actual blowjob. 99.9% of the time, guys who enjoy showing off their air blowjob skills usually have the decently to limit it to bars or house parties where they're surrounded by like-minded (read: drunk) fellas and mildly horrified women.

.1% of the time, they'll find themselves behind home plate at a Cubs game like this guy who decided that at approximately two and a half hours into the latest game ever to start at Wrigley Field between the Cubs and Pirates, he was going to showcase his hidden talent in a fairly aggressive fashion for all the world to see. Deadspin has the full video, but we've got a screencap posted above

I was at last night's game in section 123, not more than 20 rows behind where this was all unfolding. The 300 or so fans left in the stands saw this guy getting removed from last night's game. We couldn't figure out why there were so many security guards moving so quickly to get him as far away from the home plate area as humanly possible. Perhaps he was taking pictures that blinded Rafael Dolis or showing off his nutsack to the 14 or so people still watching the 9th inning of this contest.

Lesson learned: you can boo the opposing team at a Major League Baseball game. But you cannot, under any circumstances, pantomime oral sex when you're on camera ever.

[h/t: Deadspin]