Dan Majerle caught a ground rule double

Former NBA three-point sharpshooter Dan Majerle attended this past Saturday night’s Arizona Diamondbacks-San Francisco Giants game and made quite the grab on a ball that took a sharp bounce over the Leslie’s Pool Supplies’ sign in right center for a ground rule double. 

Watch it hard:  

I think it’s safe to say that’s the first time a ground rule double has ever been followed up with, “Whoa, that’s Dan Majerle.”

More impressive than Majerle’s robotic snag, with a meal of food in his left hand, is the automatic shocked staredown afterward. It’s like someone just hit a ball into Majerle’s backyard and he had a near death experience. He looks back-and-forth at the ball and you, not saying a word, but he’s telling you with his terse eyes that you’ve lost your ball. 

Here’s a GIF of the replay via SB Nation and it’s as perfect as the live version because it has an immediate Dan Majerle tag the audio provided: