Dodgers turn bizarre triple play in walk off win

The Los Angeles Dodgers walked off on Sunday against the San Diego Padres, but they got a little help from one of the oddest triple plays you’ll ever see in the top of the 9th inning, as if triple plays weren’t weird enough. Take a look at the most disastrous sacrifice bunt unfold as Vin Scully calls it in his return to the booth

A general rule of thumb: Vin Scully knows what he’s talking about. Home plate umpire Dale Scott’s brain fart allows the Dodgers to successfully turn a triple play while each runner, trying to help call it as Scully and just about everyone else saw it, thought the ball was dead. Good on the Dodgers for finishing the play just in case, because they were rewarded, but it certainly looks like this should not have been a live ball, if not just because Scott appears to signal foul ball initially. Pads manager Bud Black was ejected arguing the call: 

“The whole play looked funky,” Black said. “I saw the hands go up. Our impression was that it was a foul ball. It happened so fast. I didn’t like the result.”

It was the Dodgers first triple play since 1998 and helped them win their ninth of ten games this season, which equals their best start in Los Angeles.