Dugout Digest – end of the world

If you're reading this blog post, congratulations: the world did not end in a blaze of glory like the Mayans predicted. And now we can move on with our lives and not worry about the Mayan calendar ever again.

Anyway, over the last couple of days, we saw some things that could be a hint that the end of the world is arriving soon, like Gregg Zaun going off on the women of Toronto, Pablo Sandoval judging the Miss Universe pageant, and the Cubs finally signing an ace in Edwin Jackson.

Despite those armageddon-related events, some more normal things happened. The Angels solved their outfield logjam by trading Kendrys Morales to the Mariners for Jason Vargas. The Blue Jays still are searching for a long-term solution at catcher, because JP Arencibia is clearly not that guy (despite the numerous tweets I've gotten from Blue Jays fans telling me the opposite is true).

To put you in the holiday spirit, how about you check out TOC's Christmas wishlist for every MLB fanbase? Think happy thoughts now that our Mayan destruction has passed, and we can move on with our lives.

Enjoy your offseason, everyone.

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