Dugout Digest – the coals are blazing

I've seen quite a few people lament about the Winter Meetings being boring two days in. To those people, I ask this: what exactly where you expecting? So far at these Winter Meetings, we've seen the following…

-The Padres randomly re-sign Jason Marquis
-The Red Sox ink both Mike Napoli and Shane Victorino
-News coming out that Alex Rodriguez will need hip surgery and could miss half the season
-The Giants bring back both Angel Pagan and Marco Scutaro, but not before bidding for Scutaro got ludicrous for a minute
-The Rangers doing Rangers things and signing Joakim Soria
Ned Colletti of the Dodgers wanting everyone to know they have a ton of money to spend
-The Nationals throwing themselves on the table and bringing in Dan Haren for one year
-The Mets asking for everything short of a dowry for RA Dickey
-The Phillies and Diamondbacks potentially discussing swapping Cliff Lee for Justin Upton (before that rumor got blown up, that is)
-Cubs manager Dale Sveum admitting he got shot in a hunting accident by Robin Yount
-The Rays doing Rays things and trading for Yunel Escobar, hoping that he'll keep his temperament to a minimum
-The Astros finally trading Wilton Lopez, but to the Rockies as opposed to the Phillies

DOES THAT NOT ENTERTAIN YOU!?!?! And if that's not enough, we even wrote a couple of features, highlighting a batch of nontendered players that could be in high demand and highlighting some big name players that could be dealt over these Winter Meetings. 

So yes, the Winter Meetings may be a disappointment in the fact that Zack Greinke and Josh Hamilton are still unemployed, but there has been a lot of action over the last two days, and I hope the next two days bring just as much movement.

Joe Lucia

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