Gary Sinise aka Lt. Dan’s first pitch makes list of worst first pitches

Hollywood actor Gary Sinise, perhaps best known for his role as Lieutenant Dan Taylor in Forrest Gump, threw out the first pitch at Thursday's Texas Rangers-Oakland A's game. Video is below: 

Yeah, that was horrible. Notice when Sinise was first handed the ball and he stared at it like he had never seen a baseball before? His throw shouldn't have been all that surprising. But is Sinise's throw, which went about 20 feet, the worst first pitch in recent memory? I have a list of some of the worst after the jump: 

John Wall, ATHLETE, point guard for the Washington Wizards: 

Gary "Baba Booey" Dell'Abate from the Howard Stern Show [H/T Rico1113]:

Mariah Carey in the Tokyo Dome … in heels: 

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory in 2007 hooks his first pitch toward the first base dugout [H/T gx5]: 

Runner Carl Lewis' throw looks eerily similar to singer Mariah Carey's: 

In terms of distance, Joan Steinbrenner takes all the cake:

What's worse — throwing it only 10 feet but being able to stay on your feet or this?:

But I don't think it gets anymore embarrassing than being a former stud pitcher and screwing up the ceremonial first pitch: 

Leave your nominees in the comments.