Here’s Braves great John Smoltz wrecking a go-kart

John Smoltz is one of the greatest Braves in franchise history. The team announced the retirement of Smoltz’s number this summer in a press release last month. But here’s Smoltz doing something a little more out of character for him than either pitching or commentating: driving a go-kart, and taking out a huge section of wall in the process. 

This occured during filming of a new CBS show called The Players Club, which is apparently a non-baseball skills competition where the participants are former baseball players, including Smoltz, Bo Jackson, Ozzie Smith, Wade Boggs, and a few others. Most notable among the other players are poorly regarded loose cannons Gary Sheffield and Rob Dibble. So *that’s* where Dibble has been all of these years since the Nationals fired him back in 2010!

The show will air this Sunday (May 6th) at 1 PM on CBS…1 PM on a Sunday, just the time I look for poorly thought out reality TV.

Joe Lucia

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