Jamie Moyer is the oldest winner in MLB history

We knew it would happen eventually when Jamie Moyer made the Rockies rotation to start the year. It took three starts, but Moyer got his first win of the year, making him the oldest player to win a game in MLB history, at the ripe young age of 49 years and 151 days.

The previous oldest player to win a game was Phil Niekro, who got his final win on July 20, 1987 when he was 48 years and 110 days old. So Moyer was a whole year older than Niekro when he set the mark. Pretty crazy to think about.

For the record, Moyer will likely continue to add to his record. He hasn’t pitched badly at all for the Rockies this season, with a 3.57 ERA in 17 2/3 innings, striking out six and walking four. He’s not going to have sustained success with that strikeout rate for long, but that 6:4 strikeout to walk rate is actually better than every other Rockies starter. Yeah, there are some dire times in the mountains right now.

One more Moyer note: none of the pitches he threw tonight hit 80 mph. God bless you, Jamie Moyer.

EDIT: I’ve been informed in the comments that Jack Quinn was actually the previous oldest pitcher to win a game, at 49 years and 74 days. No idea why that didn’t come up on my Play Index search last night. Regardless, Moyer still reigns supreme.

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