Suitcase breaks Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy’s hand

Heading into Monday’s Memorial Day game against the LA Dodgers, the Milwaukee Brewers received some bad news regarding their red-hot starting catcher Jonathan Lucroy. Here’s what happened

More bad lack for the Brewers on the injury front. Lucroy told Adam McCalvy of that he was reaching under his hotel room bed for a lost sock on Sunday night when his wife shifted a suitcase, which fell on his hand. Seriously. He tried to take some swings Monday, but shut things down after he couldn’t properly grip the bat. We should have more clarity on the situation in the next few hours. George Kottaras will handle starting catcher duties for now.

That’s a pretty funny injury, until the x-rays came back showing a break that will require Lucroy to miss anywhere from 4-6 weeks

That lost sock is going to cost the 20-28 Brewers a .345/.387/.969 hitter that was hitting .388/.409/1.068 with 22 RBI in the month of May.

George Kottaras (.233/.459/.924 in 62 plate appearances) will be the new Brewers catcher, and the Brewers will call up Martin Maldonado from Triple-A Nashville to back him up. 

As embarrassing as it might be, Lucroy’s not the first suitcase related DL stint. Kaz Sasaki landed on the DL for a couple months back in the day after straining his ribs from a fall while hauling his heavy suitcase up the stairs at his home.

After the jump, we have some of the more memorable bizarre baseball injuries that Lucroy’s is now apart of: 

Mark DeRosa – strained oblique from high fiving 

Josh Outman – strained oblique from vomitting after food poisoning 

Joba Chamberlain – open dislocation of his right ankle while playing with his 5-year-old son on a trampoline  

David Price – neck spasms from towel while he was drying off 

Chris – Coghlan – torn meniscus in his left knee after pieing a teammate following a game-winning single

Geoff Blum – popped elbow after putting on shirt

Luke Scott – pulled hamstring during home run trot 

Hunter Pence – lacerations on his knee and right index finger after walking through a sliding glass door 

Marty Cordova – burnt from tanning bed

Adam Eaton – stab wound… from opening a DVD with a paring knife

Olver Perez – broken toe from kicking a laundry bucket 

Sammy Sosa – back spasms from sneezing 

Randy Keisler – snakebitten 

Steve Sparks – dislocated shoulder from trying to rip a phone book in half 

John Smoltz – burns from ironing a shirt he was still wearing

Brandon Inge – strained oblique from readjusting pillows for his kids

Leave any others you might laugh at now in the comments. 

H/T to SI for reminding me of most of these.