Jose Canseco deletes his Twitter account (EDIT: and he’s back!)

A dark day has befallen us, America. Jose Canseco has deleted his Twitter account.

This is an absolute tragedy, one that was probably caused by this seedy Buzzfeed piece in which a writer for the site posed as a model and tried to get Canseco to send her nude pictures of himself.

We’ve had plenty of fun with Canseco’s meltdowns on TOC, which have included an inordinate amount of typos, a steadfast belief that he’d play professionally this year, a discussion of his time in Mexico this spring, an admission of testosterone usage, and a bizarre tweet about aliens in soup.

The world will never be the same, now that Jose’s Twitter account is no longer with us. His account became the shining light of insanity among former baseball players, and you could always count on Canseco saying something incredibly stupid when you were feeling down. Godspeed, Jose. Hopefully, you come back sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: Jose is back. He blamed aliens for deleting his account. Then he said he wants his haters to “join the club” so he can slap them, then hug them. Then he called his Twitter followers his new addiction. Just another day in the life, I guess.

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