Matt Kemp reaggravates hamstring, breaks bat over knee

During yesterday’s Brewers-Dodgers game, Andre Ethier doubled to left center, and Matt Kemp scored from first on the play. However, while Kemp was coming into third base, he considerably slowed up, and limped off the field after scoring. While in the dugout, Kemp then proceeded to leap up and down a few times to test his hamstring out, and then pulled a Bo Jackson and broke a bat over his knee before heading to the clubhouse. 

The implications for another Matt Kemp injury for the Dodgers are massive. The Dodgers seemed to rush Kemp back after the first knee injury, and after he aggravated the same injury, I highly doubt they’ll do the same again. Kemp will have an MRI on Thursday to determine the extent of the damage to the hamstring, and whether or not anything is torn, or if the injury is just another strain.

On the flipside of Kemp getting hurt again, how awesome is it that he reached into his Bo Jackson bag of tricks and snapped a bat over his knee? The video I posted doesn’t show the bat snap too well, but you do see Kemp fling two parts of the bat before exiting into the clubhouse. I couldn’t find a clip of Bo doing this on Youtube, but I did find baseball’s favorite malcontent, Milton Bradley, snapping his bat after a strikeout with the Padres.

Ah, Milton Bradley…I can’t hate too much on him, since I got his autograph at a fanfest before the season in which this happened. Hopefully, Kemp doesn’t turn into Bradley, and actually fulfills his ultimate talents.

Joe Lucia

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