Marlins Park Is Officially A Stereotype

We’ve all heard about the ridiculous center field, home run celebration that the new Marlins Park in Miami would have. We’ve heard that there were going to be goldfish behind the plate. But now, we have actual, live proof. Check out these pictures.


I….don’t even know what to call this. It’s tacky, it’s ugly, it’s….Miami. This is the type of thing I’d expect to see painted on the side of a building, not in a professional sports stadium. I appreciate the artist’s effort, but is this really even necessary? More importantly, does it really need to be SO DAMN BIG? Look at the people to the left and right of the sculpture-type thing. They’re tiny in comparison to this monstrosity. 

Here’s a long distance view of the sculpture to get a better view of it’s size.

Yeah um, it stretches to near the top of the second deck of the stadium. Repeat: the top of the second deck. Is this a sick joke?

But I’m not done yet. What about the aquarium behind the plate? Oh yeah, we’ve got them too.


My honest question about the aquariums….how are they going to feed the fish? Is there going to be some sort of panel on the top that can be unscrewed and have food get dumped in? That’s what I’d assume, but I really hope they took that into account. Otherwise, we could have dead fish floating in the tank, which would be typical of this organization….and yes, it would make me laugh pretty hard, even if the poor fish didn’t deserve this.

[h/t: Miami Herald]

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