Nationals’ Werth has broken wrist, will be out “awhile”

Washington Nationals right fielder Jayson Werth has a broken left wrist, reports Nationals beat writer Amanda Comak. He’s expected to miss a significant amount of time.

Werth’s injury comes at an awful time for the Nationals, who just called up Bryce Harper to fill their gaping hole in left field, caused by the injury to Michael Morse this spring. With Morse still out and Harper taking his spot in left, it looks like the merry band of mediocrity that filled in for Morse in left during the first month of the season will now be covering right field. So Roger Bernadina and Xavier Nady, come on down!

However, that might not end up being the case. Comak also reported on Saturday that Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman was feeling good hitting off a tee this weekend, and was aiming to come off the DL on Tuesday. Steve Lombardozzi, who has been filling in at third while Zimmerman has been out, can then take Werth’s spot in right field if the Nationals didn’t want to take his bat out of the lineup. This comes with a caveat, of course: Lombardozzi is a natural infielder, and doesn’t have a ton of experience in the outfield. But honestly, with how terrible Nady and Bernadina have been this year, I’d rather keep running Lombardozzi out there. He’s athletic enough to play the outfield, and might actually be able to do it capably….he’ll at least be an upgrade on offense over the other outfielders the team has, so at the very worst, it’s a neutral move with the upside of getting a younger player who might have a little bit more of a ceiling to reach more playing time as opposed to the veterans who either don’t have anything left in the tank (Nady) or never had anything to begin with (Bernadina).

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