New batting practice caps released for 2013

For those of you who love buying a new hat every year, MLB will be releasing new batting practice caps for the 2013 season. Many of them are the same (or very similar) to their 2012 versions. Yet, as Paul Lukas at ESPN's Uni Watch explores, some are very different and rather old school in their design. Here are some of the highlights.

Oakland Athletics


Houston Astros

It's as bright as the sun…and yet, shows off the team's new logo perfectly.

Atlanta Braves

The screaming Brave is back. I repeat, the screaming Brave is back!

MIlwaukee Brewers

The Brewers have been using the old ball & glove logo for awhile on throwback and BP caps and jerseys, but the yellow backdrop on this is outstanding.

Toronto Blue Jays

This is a pretty solid way from the Blue Jays to tell everyone that they're Canada's team. A *giant* maple leaf, and nothing else.

New York Mets

Yeah, that's Mr Met on a cap. Unfortunately, the Phillies are just inverting the colors on their new cap as opposed to throwing the fantastic Phillie Phanatic on their new one.

Baltimore Orioles

Smiling bird on an orange backdrop? Smiling bird on an orange backdrop.

Texas Rangers

The Rangers sure do love interjecting that Texas flag into everything, don't they?.

Tampa Bay Rays

Good lord is that subnurst beautiful. The rebranding of the Rays over the last five years has been one of the biggest success stories in all of sports.

Cincinnati Reds

Mr Met, eat your heart out. I'm eagerly anticipating seeing the Reds and Mets on the field during batting practice as the same time with their baseball-headed mascots squaring off.

Colorado Rockies

Well, they moved away from the CR that has been synonymous with the team for 20 years…and went their alternate logo of a baseball flying out of the mountains. Woooo….

Check out Uni Watch for the images for all of the teams' new caps. There are a lot of winners with the new caps, and not very many losers in my opinion. MLB did a good job for the mostpart with these, but once again, it's just another way to squeeze $30 out of your pocket.

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