Ozzie Guillen wants to fight Dwayne Wade

ozzieMiami Heat star Dwayne Wade got into a confrontation with coach Erik Spoelstra on Thursday during the Heat’s loss to the Pacers. Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen (the outspoken Ozzie Guillen) saw this confrontation, and had some choice words for Wade.

“I will kick his ass,” Guillen told reporters Friday. “Well, I won’t say I’ll kick his ass. They’ll kick my ass because they’re bigger than me, and I’m older. But I will take my chances. Some people have to understand our job.”

First it was the Castro comments, now this. The Marlins are probably third in the Miami sports pecking order, behind the Heat and the Dolphins, and Wade is one of the biggest stars in town. And now, Ozzie is saying he wants to kick his ass. This will end well.

Ozzie wasn’t done, explaining the logic behind his comments.

“That’s disrespectful. Why he’s saying it, when he said it, that’s none of my business,” Guillen said. “But the player come out and say something (like that to me), he will guarantee a fight.”

“You know how many players I take out of the game and they go in the back and talk crap about me?” Guillen said.

“I don’t care because I’m going to talk crap about them. If I take you out of the game it’s for a reason. You think I want to take you out of the game? You think I want to pinch-hit for you? I pinch-hit for you because you suck. There’s somebody else I thought was better than you.”

Say what you want to say about Ozzie, but you can’t deny that the man is truthful and doesn’t sugar coat anything. No word on any possible discipline from the Marlins, or any backlash from the Miami area community.

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