Padres, Quentin nearing extension

Remember a couple days ago how I was wondering why the Padres would re-sign Carlos Quentin instead of dealing him? Well, it looks like the extension is happening, and CBS's Jon Heyman is reporting that the parameters are three years and $27 million, comparable to the deals signed by Michael Cuddyer (three years, $31.5 million), Josh Willingham (three years, $21 million), and Edwin Encarnacion (three years, $29 million).

Quentin isn't a massive game-changer in the grand scheme of things, and it's not as if he's raking (while others haven't) at Petco, with just three homers and a .719 OPS in 18 games at home this year. He's been a destroyer on the road this year though, inflating his overall stats to pretty damn good numbers. But for a Padres team that hasn't had a 20 homer outfielder since Mike Cameron in 2006 and 2007, the presence of Quentin at least fills a hole there.

The average value of $9 million a year represents a modest raise on the $7.05 million he's making this year, and he's being paid roughly like a two win player, a mark he's reached twice in his five full career seasons (and a third season will be coming this year). If he stays healthy, whatever…it's not an egregious deal. I just don't think signing 30-year old outfielders is necessarily a wise decision for the Padres.

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