Predicting the 2012 NL All-Stars

There are still a few days left in voting for the 2012 All-Star Game, but that doesn't mean it is too early to predict the ENTIRE National League All-Star roster.  That's a good thing, because that is just what I went and did.  I'd hate to think I wasted all that time guessing at the roster selections for an exhibition game.  Phew!


C – Buster Posey: Several Giants are in tight races, at least one of them should come out on top with Posey being the most likely.
1BJoey Votto: The only question here is if Votto can hold off Matt Kemp as the top vote-getter in the NL
2B – Dan Uggla: .244 batting average be damned, the fans love him, so he gets the start.
3B – David Wright: He's getting a late challenge from the Kung Fu Panda, but it will probably prove to be too little too late.
SSRafael Furcal: This is a close race with Troy Tulowitzki, but with Tulo injured, Furcal should be able to hold him off.
OF – Matt Kemp: He hasn't played in weeks and won't be available for the ASG, but that hasn't stopped voters from making him the top NL vote-getter in the outfield.
OFCarlos Beltran: Poetic justice is Albert Pujols not making the All-Star team while Beltran gets voted in as a starter.
OFMelky Cabrera: Ryan Braun currently holds the lead for the final OF starting spot, but the bet here is the anti-PED voting block ramps up their efforts and pushes the Melkman past Braun (or Bud Selig rigs the voting to make it look like that is what happened).
DH – Chipper Jones: This isn't a voted on spot like it is in the AL.  Chipper doesn't have All-Star numbers this season, but I've got a hunch that he will get a roster spot and a start at DH to send him off into the sunset before the future Hall of Famer retires after this season. (FYI, there is a chance that I am VERY wrong on this one.)


C – Yadier Molina: Even if he doesn't get voted in, it is hard to see Tony LaRussa not picking his star backstop for the roster.
C – Carlos Ruiz: Despite his great season, there is a non-zero chance that he gets squeezed off the roster, which would be a real shame.
1BBryan LaHair: This is a hard slot to fill, but the guess here is that LaHair's feelgood story earns him the nod
2B – Brandon Phillips: The veteran seems like a safe bet to get voted in by the players.
2B – Aaron Hill: The NL doesn't need a third second baseman, but they do need a Diamondback representative.
3B – Chase Headley: Headley is having a great season, but they better hurry up and name him to fill the mandatory Padres slot before the Friars trade him elsewhere.
SS – Troy Tulowitzki: He looks like he will fall short in the fan voting, but the player voting should make sure he gets an honorary roster spot before being replaced due to his injury.
SS – Jose Reyes: He isn't having a special season, but the Marlins need a representative.  That is kind of shocking to see happen considering how much money they spent this off-season.
OF – Ryan Braun: PED accusations or no, he's too good to not make the squad.
OFBryce Harper: Could Harper get snubbed from the All-Star team?  That's a clown question, bro.
OFAndrew McCutchen: It is nice to see a Pirate make the All-Star squad on merit rather than necessity for a change.
OF – Carlos Gonzalez: There are a slew of outfielder that could get this last spot, but CarGo's near-Triple Crown numbers give him the edge.

SNUBS: A.J. Ellis, Starlin Castro, Jose Altuve, Pablo Sandoval, Jed Lowrie, Michael Bourn, Jason Heward, Martin Prado, Andre Ethier, Matt Holliday, Giancarlo Stanton, Hanley Ramirez


SP – Matt Cain: If you throw a perfect game, you get to start the All-Star Game.  If that isn't a rule, it should be.
SPR.A. Dickey: The Mid-Summer Classic is always more fun with a knuckleballer.
SP Cole Hamels: In previous seasons, one could argue the whole Phillies rotation should be All-Stars, this season, Hamels has the only legit case.
SPZack Greinke: It is hard to see Greinke not being selected to an All-Star Game back at his old stomping grounds.
SPClayton Kershaw: The defending NL Cy Young winner is a lock to make his second All-Star team.
SPStephen Strasburg: Let's hope the All-Star Game doesn't count towards his season innings maximum.
SPGio Gonzalez: Strasburg may get most of the press in DC, but Gonzalez has been just as good, if not better.
SPJames McDonald: He lacks name recognition, but his 2.19 ERA is pretty recognizable.  It is possible Tony LaRussa stays loyal to the Cardinals and hands this slot to Lance Lynn instead.
RPJonathan Papelbon: Charlie Manuel may go a week without using him, but I'm sure Tony LaRussa won't just let him rot away on the bullpen bench.
RPCraig Kimbrel: Kimbrel headlines a group of relievers that could make it nearly impossible for the AL to come from behind if they are trailing late in the game.
RPAroldis Chapman: He was late to becoming a closer, but his strikeout numbers speak for themselves.
RPJoel Hanrahan: Don't hold his hairstyle against him, Hanrahan is an elite closer.
RPBrett Myers: Say hello to your honorary Astros representative.

SNUBS: Lance Lynn, Madison Bumgarner, Wade Miley, Johnny Cueto, Ryan Dempster, Johan Santana, Santiago Casilla, Jason Motte, Tyler Clippard, Kenley Jansen, Brandon Beachy

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