Prince Fielder’s 1992 McDonald’s Commercial Is Pretty Great

The DETROIT TIGERS just signed Prince Fielder to a nine-year deal for “I don’t care how much,” but let’s flash back to a time when Prince Fielder was just a little chubby kid riding the coattails of his Big Daddy, Cecil Fielder, who, you know, hit a lot of home runs for the Tigers in the 90s.

Here is a McDonald’s commercial from twenty years ago with Prince Fielder pitching to his old man in the backyard. After Prince strikes out Cecil, they go grab a Happy Meal together, or so the ad wants you to believe.

Prince is now technically a well-known vegetarian, which is why you’ve probably seen this commercial go viral in recent years, but let’s be real — he’s always feasting on meaty fastballs and he’ll now be doing that in Detroit, wearing the same Olde English D his father once wore proudly. They may not play catch in the backyard anymore, but hopefully this will facilitate father and son reconnecting. That and, you know, a World Series or four.